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Scienterrific Games
3538 Orchard Valley Lane
Spring, Texas USA

Telephone: 9562858791
Fax/Telephone: 2813234760

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We welcome ideas, requests, questions, and comments so we can continue improving our products and services. Please contact us by email or phone and we will try our very best to address your concerns. Happy teaching!

Our Vision
Together, we can make a difference. One child at a time. 

Our Focused Mission

Our mission is to produce fun and engaging educational games that will effectively aid students in understanding and remembering important Science concepts. We are a company that develops and produces hands-on Science games that are ideal for use as after lesson enrichment activities, concept application/practice exercises, and test review materials. We aim to help Educators in making Science fun and easy to learn so our children will have a greater appreciation of the wonders and infinite possibilities Science brings to the world. 

Your Edu-Helpers

Rodelio Abuan 

was nominated for the 2009 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in the USA in recognition of his outstanding work in creating innovative science games, hands-on activities and manipulatives to bring out the best in his students. His science games has proven to be very effective in encouraging participation, raising the level of understanding, and improving retention of Science concepts. He has taught different Science subjects to high school and college students for over 20 years. His wife, Joy, is a Special Education Teacher and applies her expertise by adapting the games to all types of learners.

How We Started

Rodelio began making games in his spare time while he was a teacher at United High School in an effort to make TAKS (Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills) reviews not only enriching, but fun for his students. Science seems to be weakness for the majority of students and he needed to find a way to make it easier and accessible to even the most reluctant learner. His efforts paid-off a thousand-fold not only in state-test results but by  making his classes a favorite among students. Rodelio has been sharing his ideas and games by giving free seminars and workshops to teachers for several years. He has received numerous thank you emails from both teachers and administrators who has benefited from his games; as well as inquiries if they can buy ready-made templates and ready-to-use games. 

Realizing that few teachers have the time it requires to make the game from measuring, drawing, cutting (and sometimes pasting); he and his wife decided to establish Scienterrific Games to make the game accessible to the students of even the busiest teacher.

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