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CHEMISTRY Multi-Use Year-Long Activities Set

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  • Topics Covered:CHEMISTRY Multi-Use Year-Long Activities Set 1. Acid & Base Atomic Structure Conduction, Convection, & Radiation Counting Atoms Electron Configuration Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures Energy Transformation Formula Writing Ionic or Covalent Bond? Lab Safety & Equipment Periodic Table of Elements Periodic Table and Trends Physical & Chemical Change Physical Properties of Matter Solid, Liquid, & Gas Types of Chemical Equations
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Use for:

I. Station Review 

2. Restroom/Tardy Pass Spinwheel Card

3. Assessment

4. Warm-up Activity

5. Exit Ticket

Topics Covered 
1. Acid or Base? 
2. Atomic Structure 
3. Conduction, Convection, or Radiation? 
4. Counting Atoms 
5. Electron Configuration 
6. Element, Compound, or Mixture? 
7. Energy Transformation 
8. Formula Writing 
9. Ionic or Covalent Bond? 
10. Lab Safety & Equipment 
11. Periodic Table of Elements 
12. Periodic Table & Trends 
13. Physical or Chemical Change? 
14. Physical Properties of Matter 
15. Solid, Liquid, or Gas? 
16. Types of Chemical Equation

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