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ELEMENT SWIRL : High School Board Game

ELEMENT SWIRL : High School Board Game

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  • Game Board : 19 "x 19" tarpaulin (durable, waterproof, lightweight)
  • Game tokens may vary from pictures.
  • Worksheets can be photocopied. Downloadable copies may also be requested by email.
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Game Objectives

This game helps students become familiar with the characteristics and positions of the elements in the Periodic Table. This knowledge is necessary in understanding the behavior and the chemical reactivity of the elements.

Learning Focus

1. Classify the elements of the Periodic Table

2 .Describe the elements of the Periodic Table

3. Locate the elements of the Periodic Table

Game Components: Elements Swirl Game Board

55 Chips

1 Die


Answer Key


Number of Players: 

2 to 4 Individual Players

4 to 8 Partner Players

How to Play the Game

1. Each player draws 7 chips from the pouch without looking.

2. Students line up their symbols for better visibility and easy access.

3. Each player rolls the dice. The order of players is determined by the number on their dice with

the highest being first and the lowest being last.

4. The player with the highest number begins the game.

5. The first player places an element symbol that corresponds to the first circle on the swirl


6. The player copies his question and answer on a piece of paper to keep track of scores.

7. Every correct answer scores 1 point.

8. If a player cannot place a chip, he gets penalized by drawing one more chip from the pouch.

9. If the player still cannot place a chip, the next player takes his turn in placing an answer in the next

10. The player who uses up all his chips first gets 10 bonus points and wins the game.

11. The game continues until the last circle/step is answered.

Rewards and Penalties

The students will check each others answers for accuracy.

1. If somebody challenges an opponents answer and is proven right, the challenger gets an extra

turn and the challenged loses a turn. (The challenger plays in place of the challenged in the

next round of turns.)

2. If the challenger is wrong, the challenger loses a turn and the challenged gains an extra turn.

(The challenged plays in place of the challenger in the next round of turns.)

Scienterrific Bright Ideas!

1. Encourage students to pay close attention for opportunities to challenge wrong answers but

caution them to be careful in issuing a challenge as it has both a reward and a consequence.

2. Use the game to assess students learning in place of a quiz.

3. Announce playing the game in advance as a graded recitation or a quiz to build anticipation

and get students to focus better on the lesson and/or allow them opportunity to review on

their own.

4. As a game variation to encourage cooperative learning, students may be assigned to play

with a partner. Teaming reluctant learners with eager learners will greatly benefit both.

5. We recommend using the gameboards as functional wall decors by putting velcro stickers at the back, and hanging the game pouches for easy access.

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