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LAB TRIP Board Game
1 Game Board, 30 Question Cards, 4 Tokens, Instructions, Answer Key, Worksheet

LAB TRIP Board Game

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  • Content: 1 board game, 4 game tokens (may vary from pictures), 1 dice, worksheet, instruction and answer key. Extra tokens can be ordered.
  • Worksheets can be photocopied. Downloadable copies may also be requested by email.
  • Description:Teach your students that knowing the do's and dont's in the Science laboratory has real life consequences through the rewards and setbacks in this fun science game. Like in real life, knowledge and following procedures produces success, misinformation and carelessness results in drawback and accidents.
  • Learning Focus:Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Safety Procedures Laboratory Techniques
  • Skill Focus:Understand and remember academic vocabulary words. Connect related concepts. Practice differentiation and classification skills. Identify examples and non-examples (in some topics). Develop critical thinking skills.
  • Content:1 Game Board, 30 Question Cards, 4 Tokens, 1 Dice, Instructions, Answer Key
  • Number of Players:2 to 4 Individual Players 4 to 8 Partner Players Whole Class (Team Activities)
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How to Play the Game
1. Each player chooses a token to represent himself in the gameboard.
2. Each player rolls the die; the person with the highest number plays first.
3. The first player rolls the die to begin the game.
4. The tokens are moved according to the number from the die. The token may land on a
question, a penalty, or a bonus move.
5. Bonus moves are awarded when knowledge or proper behavior is exhibited in the Lab.
6. Penalties are given as a consequence of lack of knowledge and improper or unsafe Lab
7. If the token lands on a question mark, a card is picked from the stack and the player reads
the question and answers it.
8. If the answer is correct, the token is moved forward according to the number of steps in the
question card.
9. If the answer is incorrect, the token is moved backward according to the number of steps in
the question card.
10. The player to the right plays next and follows the same procedure.
11. The player who finishes the race first wins the game.

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LAB TRIP Board Game
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