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1 Game Board, 30 Question Cards, 4 Tokens, Instructions, Answer Key, Worksheet


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  • Game Board : 17.5 x 17.5 tarpaulin (durable, waterproof, lightweight)
  • Game Tokens may vary from pictures.
  • Worksheets can be photocopied. Downloadable copies may also be requested by email.
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Game Components: 1 Game Board, 30 Question Cards, 4 Tokens, Instructions, Answer Key, Worksheet

Number of Players: 

2 to 4 Individual Players

4 to 8 Partner Players

Whole Class (Team Activities)

How to Play the Game

1. Each player chooses a token.

2. The players roll the die to determine the order of players; the person with the highest number plays first. 

3. The tokens are moved according to the number from the die. 

4. The token may land on a question, a penalty, or a bonus move. 

5. If the token lands on a question mark, a card is picked from the stack of Question Cards and the player reads the question and answers it.

6. If the answer is correct, the token is moved forward; and if the answer is wrong, the token is moved backward.

7. The player who finishes the race first wins the game. 

Scienterrific Bright Ideas!

1. As a game variation to encourage cooperative learning, students may be assigned to play

with a partner. Teaming reluctant learners with eager learners will greatly benefit both.

2. The class may also be divided in teams for a contest/race. The game board can be projected

to a wall to provide visual stimulus to see which team is ahead. Each group will be given

equal number of cards. The groups will read the questions to each other. Every student in

each group will be responsible for reading and answering at least one question. If a group

gives a wrong answer, other groups can answer and steal the point.

3. The teacher may hold small group or whole class review sessions. The students can take

turns in throwing the dice. The teacher can pause in each step to explain ideas and concepts

in greater detail.

4. Daily warm-up. The students pick a card upon entering the classroom. The students will copy

their Question of the Day and write the answer in a sheet of paper to be submitted every

Friday and graded as a quiz.

5. The question cards can be placed in a jar. Students are to pick and answer one question as a

restroom pass requirement.

6. Teachers may choose to enhance the game by making special questions tailor-made to a specific lesson or a special group of learners.

7. We also recommend using the gameboards as functional wall decors by putting velcro stickers at the back and hanging the game pouches for easy access.

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