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How We Started


Rodelio began making games in his spare time while he was a teacher at United High School in an effort to make TAKS (Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills) reviews not only enriching, but fun for his students. Science seems to be weakness for the majority of students and he needed to find a way to make it easier and accessible to even the most reluctant learner. His efforts paid-off a thousand-fold not only in state-test results but by  making his classes a favorite among students. Rodelio has been sharing his ideas and games by giving free seminars and workshops to teachers for several years. He has received numerous thank you emails from both teachers and administrators who has benefited from his games; as well as inquiries if they can buy ready-made templates and ready-to-use games. 

Realizing that few teachers have the time it requires to make the game from measuring, drawing, cutting (and sometimes pasting); he and his wife decided to establish Scienterrific Games to make the game accessible to the students of even the busiest teacher.



3538 Orchard Valley Lane

Spring, Texas USA

tel. no. 956-285-8791


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