Used for:

  • Review Station Activity
  •  Restroom/Tardy Wheel Cards
  • Word Wall
  • Warm-Up/Exit Ticket
  • Assessment



  1. Conversion of Units
  2. Evaluate Numerical Expression
  3. Find the Missing Angle
  4. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
  5. Percent and Fraction
  6. Number Sequence
  7. Percent of Numbers and Money Amounts
  8. Proportions Word Problems
  9. PEMDAS Rules
  10. Prime Factorizations
  11. Ratio and Proportion
  12. Relationship Between Data
  13. Simple Interest (Not Compounded)
  14. Word Problem Equations
  15. Which Point Satisfies the Equation? (x,y)

(6th Grade) Math STAAR Multi-Use Year-Long Activity Sets

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