1. Lab Safety and Equipment
2. Scientific Method Application
3. Atomic Structure
4. The Periodic Table of Elements
5. Counting Atoms
6. Chemical Equations and Reactions
7. Balanced or Unbalanced Equations?
8. Physical and Chemical Change
9. Forces
10. Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
11. Interpreting Graphs of Motion
12. Energy Transformation
13. Newton’s Laws of Motion
14. Rotation and Revolution
15. The Moon, the Sun, and the Tides
16. Characteristics of the Universe
17. Hertzsprung - Russel Diagram
18. Plate Tectonics and Topographic Maps
19. Weather Systems
20. Cell Structures and Functions
21. Plant and Animal Cell
22. Kingdoms (Classification of Organisms)
23. The Human Body Systems
24. Body Systems Interactions
25. The Ecosystem

*Teachers will need to the cut-out the Answer Cards but everything else is ready for use. 8. We recommend laminating so they can last for many years.

8th Grade STAAR Multi-Use Year-Long Activity Set


    1. Each station uses hands-on activities/manipulatives (challenge sheets and cut-out cards) to review curriculum-aligned concepts. 

     2. All topics/ stations have worksheets that the students will answer as they go from one station to the next. 

     3. These worksheets can also be used by students to review at home. 

     4. May also be used as Daily Warm-Up Activities or even as Homework. 

     5. The teacher may want to use the stations again as daily warm-up and homework to reinforce the concepts reviewed. 

     6. While we have included the most important concepts to learn in each topic, we highly recommend complementing these with other Scienterrific games and activities so the students can have multiple reviews in a variety of ways to improve learning retention.  



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