Not Pre-Cut or Laminated BUT Reproducible (printed in white index card) with Worksheet and Answer Key


Students must form the longest caterpillar possible. To be able to do so, they must correctly connect science vocabulary words to their definition, description, application, or example(s). If the students fail to identify the words correctly, the connection will be broken and they will be unable to complete the puzzle.

GAME COMPONENTS: 1 Caterpillar Head 19 Caterpillar Body Segments, Worksheet, Instructions and Answer Key

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: individual, pair, or group activity


1. The first card that must be laid down is the card with the word START.

2. Next, the head with the game topic must be laid down where indicated over the START Card.

3. On the right side of the START Card is a description, definition, or example(s) of a science vocabulary word. The student must find the card with the science vocabulary that matches the preceding phrase and connect this card to the previous card.

4. The student will continue matching the cards until all 20 cards are laid down and the caterpillar puzzle is complete.


5. If the student can give the vocabulary word for the description or definition in the last card, a bonus point is awarded.

Area and Perimeter Don't-Cut-D-Pillar

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