Scienterrific Spin addresses students need to have a clear and genuine understanding of important Science concepts. This game provides students an opportunity to carefully consider concepts, practice classifying according to definition, properties, or characteristics, and identifying examples and non-examples (in some topics). Students are able to concretize their learning and demonstrate the depth of their understanding in a fun and challenging way.

Spinwheel Game Set - Newton's Laws of Motion

  • Game Description


    Learning Focus

    1. Understand and remember Science vocabulary words

    2. Practice differentiation and classification skills. 

    3. Identify examples and non-examples 

    4. Demonstrate mastery of Science concepts 

    5. Engage in a competitive yet cooperative learning activity


    Game Components:  1 Spin Wheel,  Answer Cards, Worksheet, Instructions, Answer Key         


    How to Play the Game

    1. The players form a circle around the Spin Wheel.

    2.  All players are given equal number of cards. 

    a) 2 players – 15 cards each                    

    b) 3 players - 10 cards each            

    c) 4 players – 7 cards each (set aside the remaining 2 cards)

    d)   5 players – 6 cards each

    e)   6 players - 5 cards each

    3.  The players will take turns in spinning the Spin Wheel.

    4.  When the wheel stops spinning, each student will lay down a card that corresponds to the arrow pointing to him. (Example: The arrow reads “physical change”. The student lays down “breaking glass” which is an example of a physical change.)

    5.  One point is given for every correct answer. 

    6.  The wheel is spun 10 times.

    7.  The student who uses all the cards first or have the highest score wins the game.


    Rewards and Penalties

    The students will check each other’s answers for accuracy. 

    1.  If somebody challenges an opponent’s answer and is proven right, the challenger gets an extra point and the challenged loses a point. 

    2.  If the challenger is wrong, the challenger loses a point and the challenged gains a point.


    Scienterrific Bright Ideas!

    1. Encourage students to pay close attention for opportunities to challenge wrong answers but caution them to be careful in issuing a challenge as it has both a reward and a consequence. 

    2. Use the game to assess students’ depth of understanding of concepts.

    3. Announce playing the game in advance as a graded recitation or a quiz to get students to focus better on the lesson and/or allow them opportunity to review on their own. 

    4. Daily Warm-up. Put the cards in a jar and ask students to draw one upon entering the class. Answer choices for the day are written on the board. The students write their answer daily in a piece of paper and submitted at the end of the week.



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