“Tatsulok” is a Philipino word which means three corners. The player must form one big equilateral triangle (like the figure above) by correctly connecting the sides of 16 small triangles. If the connection is wrong, students will not be able to complete the puzzle.


Not Pre-Cut and Laminated.



  1. 2D and 3D Figures Vocabulary
  2. Area and Perimeter
  3. Comparing Fractions and Equivalent Fractions
  4. Developing Computational Fluency
  5. Liquid Volume and Weight Fractions
  6. Fractions
  7. Measurement (Length)
  8. Money
  9. Multiplication and Division (Vocabulary and Problems)
  10. Rounding and Estimating (Vocabulary and Problems)
  11. Place Value and Vocabulary
  12. Rules for a Number Sequence
  13. Time Intervals

Tatsulok Elementary (Set of 13)

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    GAME CONTENT:  2 SETS of 16 triangle cards,  Worksheet, Instruction and Answer Key



    NUMBER OF PLAYERS: individual, pair, or group activity


    SUGGESTED USE: Enrichment, Guided Instruction, Individual or Group Assessment, Review, Competition/Race 


                      HOW TO PLAY THE GAME

    1. The card with the game topic (written in CAPITAL LETTERS) will be laid down first.

    2. The next card that should be laid down must match / answer the word or problem beneath the game title.

    3. The player(s) must find the matching answer or solution of every open side of the triangles until the puzzle is complete and a big equilateral triangle is formed. 

    4. The student(s) will answer a worksheet (and show solution when necessary) as they play.



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