Understand and remember Science vocabulary words
Connect related Science concepts
Practice differentiation and classification skills
Practice differentiation and classification skills
Identify examples and non-examples (in some topics)
Develop critical thinking skills
Worksheets can be photocopied. Downloadable copies may also be requested by email.

TriConnect - Inherited & Acquired

  • Game Description


    Science vocabulary words and concepts/definitions/characteristics/examples are related and connected 

    in this stimulating game of reason and recall. It is an engaging activity that is an effective teaching tool 

    for clarifying, reinforcing, and reviewing lessons.



    Game Components: 30 Tri-Connect Cards, Answer Key, Instructions, Worksheets


    Number of Players: 2 to 6


    How to Play the Game


    1. All players are given equal number of cards.

    a) 2 players � 15 cards each 

    b) 3 players � 10 cards each 

    c) 4 players � 7 cards each (set aside the remaining 2 cards)


    d) 5 players � 6 cards each


    e) 6 players � 5 cards each

    2. The person who has the TriConnect with a STAR lays it down to start the game.

    3. The player to the right connects a card that corresponds to any of the words in the

    TriConnect on the table.

    4. The player to his right plays next and the game continues until all the players have used up all their cards.


    5. The player who uses up all his cards first wins.


    Rewards and Penalties


    1. Players have the option to question and challenge an opponent�s answer. If the challenger is

    correct, the challenger gets 1 bonus move.

    2. A player gets 1 bonus turn if he can connect a card to TWO sides in one move.

    3. A player gets 2 bonus turns if he can connect ALL sides of a card in a single move.


    Scienterrific Bright Ideas!


    1. Encourage students to pay close attention for opportunities to challenge wrong answers.

    2. Coach students in developing strategies to win, such as planning their moves to get bonus

    turns and blocking opponents� moves.

    3. Announce playing the game in advance as a graded recitation or a quiz to get students to

    focus better on the lesson and/or allow them opportunity to review on their own.

    4. Instead of making students play individually, form small groups of diverse learners who will

    consult and cooperate on answering as they strategize and compete against other groups.

    5. The game can be used to assess students� knowledge in place of a quiz. A student may be

    given a certain number of cards and asked to connect them.



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